The University of Warwick – a World Class Distance Learning University

The School: The University of Warwick, more commonly called Warwick University, is a public research academy built in the outskirts of Coventry, England in 1965 as part of government’s effort to uplift the quality of education in the region. Two years later, Warwick Business School was formed in 1967 to address the need for development in entrepreneurial skills within the United Kingdom. It became one of the most reputable business schools in the world barely fifty years after it was established. The school is hailed for its topnotch undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programs of business concentrations and is highly recognized for producing exceptional MBA graduates.

Warwick MBA: Details

The school’s MBA programs are accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA) and are offered in the following four study modes classification:

  • The Warwick MBA – full Time
  • The Warwick MBA – Distance learning Mode
  • An Executive MBA
  • Global Energy MBA

The Warwick MBA by full time study: A twelve-month course focused on developing business strategies and sound management decision-making. It is currently ranked 25th in the world and in the 6th spot in the “Aims Achieved” category as awarded by the Financial Times

The Warwick MBA by distance learning: The business school is internationally recognized as a pioneer in world class distance learning for more than 25 years.This program features a highly flexible learning curriculum for working professional who desires to pursue higher business education. The part-time program offers both face-to-face classroom and Online MBA class discussions administered via their online learning medium, wbsLive which enable students to interact and work together in real time.   The entire program requires a minimum of three years to complete although it can be customized to finish earlier or later as determined by the student applicant upon enrollment. Warwick Business School is one of the few in the world to offer more affordable Online MBA courses. Classes are usually composed of highly diversified group of students from different backgrounds and countries of origin.

The Warwick Executive MBA: Highly similar to the Warwick MBA by distance learning, the course is also offered to complete in three years but requires delivery of modules in intensive real classroom interactions unlike the former with more number of Online MBA course sessions. This is most suitable for working professionals who can afford to take bulks of day-offs and vacation leaves. It features a sponsored student’s system whereby the school helps a potential candidate prepare a case to convince present employer to support his desire for an MBA degree.

The Warwick Global Energy MBA: This isa specialized MBA degree aimed towards developing business leaders to manage organizations within the energy industry worldwide. It is centrally focused on the development of sound business strategies in the field of energy in developing economies.

It features world class work from home study programs through its online MBA tool, wbsLive where students are given access to vast learning resources from structured workbooks, web seminars and streamed online contents in the comforts of their home.


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