Online MBA Programs at Middlesex University London UK

The University

The Middlesex University is a public university located in Hendon, North London, England. Like many other newer universities the Middlesex University started out as a polytechnics institute. Some areas of interest at Middlesex are:

  • Science and Technology
  • Business
  • Arts and Designs
  • Law
  • Media and Performing Arts
  • Health and Education

The Middlesex University is ranked respectably amongst other universities. The university sees an annual enrollment of over 21,000 students.

The Distance MBA Programs

Middlesex University has been offering their MBA programs for over thirty years and it is ranked one of the most prestigious MBA programs available. The distance MBA program prepares applicants to undertake senior management positions in international business environments. It helps applicants enhance their personal and professional development while allowing the applicant to complete all their work from home.


  • The online MBA program at Middlesex University is ranked as one of the most prestigious schools available. This mean potential employers will actively seek you out.
  • The courses allow the applicants to learn any time day or night while still providing access to tutors as well as staff members who have practical experience dealing with business issues.
  • The program is recognized by the Chartered Institute Management also referred to as the CMI. Applicants that complete the online MBA program will be awarded full CMI memberships and additional professional recognitions.


Within the two years that it takes to complete these programs applicants will be required to take a set of core courses with an opportunity after the core classes to specialize by taking additional classes. The core classes are:

  • Executive Leadership
  • Business Strategy
  • Finance and Economics
  • Operations Management
  • Management Perspectives
  • Marketing Management

Duration: This online MBA program is intended to last for two years in a part time study program. The applicant is encouraged to apply 15-20 hours weekly towards the online MBA program.


  • The applicant must have an undergraduate degree with honours.
  • The applicant must have obtained at least two years of practical experience in full time professional or managerial positions. Managerial experience may be substituted for not having honours.
  • The applicant must submit their GMAT test scores.
  • The applicant must show proficiency in the English language. If English is your second language then you will be required to take either the IELTS or the TOEFL. Applicants that complete the IELTS must score a minimum of 6.5, applicants that take the TOEFL must score a minimum of 575.
  • The applicant must be diligent, disciplined, and able to learn independently. The applicant must also be able to meet deadlines and keep in contact with supervisors.

How to Apply

Students wishing to participate in these online MBA programs must complete an application with the Middlesex University. They must provide sufficient evidence of all their qualifications to undertake the MBA program.

Once applicants have successfully submitted their applications they will receive a confirmation within three business days.

Deadline: The deadline for applications to the distance MBA program is the 15th of August.


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