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The Bangor University is a public Welsh university situated in Bangor, Wales. The university received Royal Charter in 1885 and was one of the founding members of the University of Wales. In 2007 the university separated from the University of Wales and officially became Bangor University. The Bangor University holds many highly respectable rankings amongst other universities. The university sees an annual enrollment of over 16,000 applicants.

The Distance MBA Programs: The Chartered Banker MBA

The Bangor University is pleased to offer the availability of their distance MBA program known as the Chartered Banker MBA through their Bangor Business School. The Chartered Banker MBA program works to produce qualified individuals that will gain the best MBA in banking which is known as the Chartered Banker status. The award is given by Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland. It is the most prestigious award that can be given to bankers. Currently the Bangor University’s Bangor Business School is the only UK institute that can offer dual qualification.


  • The online MBA program allows for a unique combination of online sessions and video face to face time that allows applicants to study without having to disrupt their current lives.
  • The Chartered Banker is geared more towards executives and managers in financial and banking institutes offering them a way to extend their understanding and knowledge of a few key areas such as:

o   Financial Management

o   Credit and Risk Management

o   Corporate Strategy

o   Organizational Behavior

  • The applicant is able to study at the Bangor University and receive a dual qualification that will award them the highest banking award.
  • The Bangor University offers an energetic financial district where applicants can gain hands on experience.


These online MBA programs are part time distance MBA programs. It is a dual qualification program held between the Bangor University and the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland


There are many different ways that an applicant can choose to participate in the MBA program. The full cost of the program is £13,750. Applicants wishing to obtain just their Chartered Banker Certificates will be expected to pay £4500 and for their Chartered Banker Diploma they will be charged around £9500. These fees cover:

  • Access to the schools online learning portal and library
  • Access to study materials online
  • Online tutorials, discussion groups, seminars, and support
  • All academic assessments
  • Dual student membership with the Chartered Banker Institute


Financial aid is available for applicants that qualify.


These distance MBA programs last for a duration of 10-24 months. The Chartered Banker MBA tends to take up to two years with intakes in both January and July.


  • The Chartered Banker MBA program is geared to attract business executives and managers attached to financial and banking institutes.
  • The applicant must have an undergraduate degree that is focused in the following areas:

o   Corporate Strategy

o   Finance

o   Credit and Risk Management

o   Organizational Behavior

o   Financial Management

  • The applicants must be enrolled at the Bangor University in good academic standing
  • The applicants must show proficiency in the English language.


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