Online MBA at University of Leicester UK

The University

The University of Leicester a public research university sited in Leicester, England. The University is most well-known for the discovery of genetic fingerprinting and for finding the remains of King Richard III. The University of Leicester has unfailingly been ranked as one of the world’s foremost research universities. The university registers over 17,000 students yearly.

MBA Program

The University of Leicester is pleased to be able to offer one of the most prestigious MBA programs in the country. The Master of Business Administration or MBA is a highly sought after business degree intended to be used for advancement in business management careers.

The Objectives and Goals of the Online MBA Program

  • The program is intended to cover a large spectrum of management areas and calls upon a wide arrangement of experience and expertise. The program gives the applicant the foundation for general management and customizes courses that accommodate different career goals.
  • The online MBA program allows applicants to develop a certain skill set that allows for creative and strategic planning when addressing business problems, as well as a unique cultural awareness and sensitivity and the ability to work in diverse team environment.
  • The MBA program at the University of Leicester provides applicants with management skills that will make them better leaders in the international business front. It will teach applicants how to enhance and evaluate their own abilities and implement them towards appropriate business solutions.

Online MBA Structure

The University of Leicester offers three different stages for their MBA programs. The goal of these three stages is so that applicants can gain qualification in a two year period. The online MBA program offered at the university allows applicants to study 7 core segments as well as 2 optional segments. These segments are followed by a unit on research methods and a 15,000 word dissertation. The seven core segments are:

  1. Academic Knowledge and Skills
  2. Organizational Behavior
  3. Accounting for Managers
  4. Business Ethics in Global Contexts
  5. Marketing Operation and Designs
  6. Strategy, Business Information and Analysis
  7. Corporate Finances

The first segment is a month long segment in Academic Knowledge and Skills. After completing this module the order of the additional segments will vary depending on your program start date.

Duration for MBA by Distance Learning Programs: Every session is comprised of two segments and each session lasts for a duration of four months. The maximum length of the whole MBA program is up to 24 months. Applicants wishing to complete their programs within 24 months normally have to commit at least 15 hours weekly towards the program. Applicants that are unable to commit this much time to study are offered the option of studying one segment per session instead of the normal two. This allows applicants to cut their study time in half; however, this means they will spend up to 40 months completing their online MBA.

Assessments, Support, and Learning

MBA by distance learning offers its applicants many unique opportunities. Applicants will be assessed through a variety of different assignments, projects, exams, and finally a 15,000 word research dissertation. Applicants will have access to course materials as well as the university’s digital library. Online seminars and lectures are available to help students learn and communicate with their professors as well as peers.

Specialized Online MBA

Students participating in the University of Leicester’s MBA program are awarded the opportunity of specializing in five different areas of business. These areas are:

  1. MBA in Finances
  2. MBA in Employee Relation
  3. MBA in Marketing
  4. MBA in Information Technology Management
  5. MBA in Quality Managemen


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