MBA in International Management by Distance Learning at University of London

The University

The University of London is a public research university sited in London, England. The University of London is amongst the most populated universities in the United Kingdom with over 135,000 students attending campuses and an additional 50,000 or more students attending the university through distance learning. The university operates through many smaller colleges and departments.

MBA in International Management by Distance Learning

Online MBA programs are quickly becoming a popular avenue of study and the University of London is no different. At the University of London they offer an online MBA program that is tailored to fit everyone’s busy lives and career needs. The intent of the program is to:

  • Arm students with the knowledge to tackle international business pursuits.
  • Help provide opportunities for students wishing to seek international business careers
  • Expand global outreach and networking

The Benefits of the MBA in International Management by Distance Learning

There are a variety of different benefits a student can derive from this online MBA program that is offered through the University of London. Some of the benefits are:

  • Students can enjoy a flexible study environment where they are able to work their classes in between spending time at home and pursuing their own work commitments.
  • Students can gain a better perspective on international business
  • The student is able to tailor their MBA programs to fit their specific career goals.
  • The students will improve on skills such as leadership, communication, reflection, analysis, and self-discipline.
  • The students will be placed in a unique environment that will help them understand different problems faced in international management and business pursuits.

Duration: These online MBA programs are tailored in a way that it should take an average of two years to complete depending on the pace that the student undertakes.


Applicants are required to take 9 core classes with up to four electives as well as a two week seminar in London. At the end of the duration applicants will be required to submit a 12,000 word research dissertation. The nine core classes are:

  1. International Business Economics
  2. International Accounting and Finances
  3. Information System
  4. International Human Resource Management
  5. Philosophy of Management
  6. International Operation Management
  7. Leadership and Organization
  8. International Strategies
  9. International Marketing

How it All Works

Students participating in the International Management MBA will have access to tutors as well as online services such as access to the university’s online library and study materials. Each student will be assigned supervisors that will help assist them in constructing their 12,000 word research dissertation.

Academic Requirements for MBA in International Management

  • The applicant must have obtained a bachelor’s degree in any subject. The applicant should have received the equivalent of 2nd class honors on the degree. Applicants that are applying from countries where they do not award honors are still eligible to apply. Applicants will be judged on a case by case basis at the discretion of the school.
  • The applicant must submit GMAT scores higher than 550.
  • The applicant must have a minimum of three years of work experience prior to registering for the MBA program. The work experience must be relevant to the MBA program such as supervisor or managerial duties.


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