Global MBA Program at Imperial College London

The University

The Imperial College London is a public research university located in London, England. The Imperial College London concentrates in engineering, medicine, business and science. The Imperial College London became an independent institute in 2007 when it broke away from the University of London. The main campus is at South Kensington with 5 additional campuses. The Imperial College London sees an annual enrollment of over 13,500 students.

The Global MBA Program

In today’s business world motivated applicants are ready to do anything to advance their careers and get ahead of everyone. The online MBA program through the Imperial College London is dedicated to providing those applicants with the means to obtain their goals. The online MBA program at the Imperial College London allows you to study anywhere in the world as well as allows you to customize your program to fit your specific business needs.

The Benefits of the MBA Program

  • With the online MBA program option applicants can study from anywhere in the world. This cuts many major costs.
  • Applicants can study at their own pace or can follow the pace set up by the MBA program.
  • Applicants don’t have to sacrifice time away from work or family.
  • The applicants will be immersed into a constantly growing business network that will provide them with constant support
  • Applicants will have access to some of the most up to date technology and educational opportunities offered by the Imperial College London.
  • Applicants who complete the MBA program will become highly sought after candidates for many prestigious business positions.

Duration: These online MBA programs are intended to be completed within a two year period. Each course lasts for a duration of 10 weeks. Applicants are required to devote at least 15 hours a week to the program. The first year is designed to lay the foundation for the program by offering the core classes. The second year is where the applicants are allowed to tailor their own education with the choice of electives that will help them towards specializing the MBA programs. Options are available for applicants that cannot commit to 15 hours a week. Applicants are also able to pause their studies in the event that something happens in their lives where they would need to take time away from schooling. These alternative options will cause the applicant to finish their MBA programs later than some of their peers.

Global MBA Structure

This MBA program is carefully structured so that it is easily assessable for anyone. Lectures are previously recorded and different online projects and activities are available. At times lectures will be conducted live and are held in respect to the numerous different time zones. Students will have access to the school’s digital library as well as course material and options should they find themselves in need or tutoring. The MBA program is set to incorporate numerous types of multimedia making it increasingly easier to share, edit, and download files between peers and instructors.

The Final Project

After successfully completing the requirements of the online MBA program students will be required to write a 15,000 word dissertation. This final project allows students to apply the knowledge and skills that they learned through the MBA program into practice. Your suggestions in your dissertation will be applied in real life situations to assess their effectiveness.


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