Fully Funded MBA Loans from London Business School UK

This article provides an overview of MBA loans at the London Business School

What are MBA Loans?

MBA programs are expensive. Many time students completing MBA programs will have easily spent anywhere from $30,000-$160,000 for the program depending on where they choose to study. Financial aid and scholarships are put into place to help fund the educational costs at no expense to the applicant. However, sometimes the scholarships and financial aid don’t always cover everything. MBA loans are specialized educational loans that cover the cost of MBA programs when financial aid and scholarships are unable to cover the full expenses and applicants cannot self-fund the remaining balance.

The School: London Business School

London Business School is the educational business school associated with the University of London. The school is centralized in the busy business district of London itself. The London Business School offers many prestigiously ranked business degree programs such as their exclusive MBA programs.

The Cost of the MBA Programs at the London Business School

The London Business School MBA program cost starts at £64,200. This price reflects the price of the program and does not include any additional fees such as living expenses, travel, and other personal necessities.

The List of MBA Loan Opportunities at the London Business School

There are many different MBA loan opportunities available for qualified applicants wishing to conduct their studies at the London Business School.

Prodigy Finance Loan

Summary: These are alumni funded educational loans intended for international applicants wishing to study at the London Business School. These loans are intended to target over 150 different regions of the world to promote academic learning at an affordable rate.

Award Amount: There is a cap on how much you can borrow. The cap for these loans is £35,000 and may only be applied towards tuition fees.


  • A co-signer is not needed for these loans which is helpful as most international applicants must seek out co-signers to be awarded any help
  • There is a seven year re-payment period with the normal six months Grace period
  • The interest rates range between 6.5%-9.5%

Career Development Loans

Summary: This education loan program is available for applicants who are organizing post graduate MBA careers within the European Economic Area or the United Kingdom.

Award Amount: This loan scheme allows applicants up to £8,000 to be put towards tuition fees. This award amount is intended for the two year training courses needed for their chosen career path.


  • Loans only have to repaid after the completion of the program
  • Interest rates vary depending on the applicant.

Direct Loan Programs

Summary: All applicants enrolled in the London Business School at least half time are eligible for these direct loan programs.

Award Amount: The amount that applicants are allowed to borrow is based off of many different factors such as the financial need of the individual applicant


  • Interest rates are low
  • Applicants will not have to begin repayment until six months after they conclude their course work.


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