Fully Funded International MBA Scholarships at University of Technology Sydney Australia

This article provides a review of some of the scholarship opportunities made available at this university.

The University of Technology Sydney

The University of Technology Sydney also referred to as UTS is a public university located within Sydney, Australia. The university was founded in 1878 as the Sydney Technical College and it wasn’t until 1988 that the college was reestablished as the University of Technology Sydney. The UTS is ranked respectable amongst the more notable universities around the world and sees enrollments around 30,000 students annually.

The Cost of the MBA Programs

The cost of the full time MBA program ranges from $19,840-$34,080 annually. This price reflects just the program costs and does not include the cost of other accommodations such as living expenses, health care expenses, and other various and necessary expenses.

The normal duration of the full time MBA program is two years for full time applicants and a maximum of four years for part time applicants. An applicant may accelerate their studies by taking courses during the summer semesters.

The List of MBA Scholarships

Below we have compiled a list of some of the available MBA scholarship opportunities intended for students at UTS. Each of these scholarships have their own set of requirements and deadlines that applicants should acknowledge.

Australia Awards MBA Scholarships

Scholarship Summary: These scholarships are intended for outstanding international applicants. These applicants will choose to undertake the whole duration of study at UTS.

Scholarship Award: This scholarship offers a range of full and partial tuition scholarships for international applicants.

Federation of Graduate Women’s NSW Scholarships

Scholarship Summary: NSW, is an association of female graduate who come from a variety of universities and institutes from around the globe. The intent of these scholarships is to promote women in business and to promote women in education.

Scholarship Award: These female MBA scholarship schemes offer applicants $1000 to be applied towards their MBA programs.

Australia Flora Foundation Scholarships

Scholarship Summary: The Flora Foundation was established to promote research and cultivation of plants. The Flora Foundation recognizes that part of this process is supporting business leaders who will take charge of these programs and help further their cause.

Scholarship Award: These scholarships award $5,000-$15,000 in scholarship awards.

Charlie Bell MBA Scholarships for Future Leaders

Scholarship Summary: This scholarship scheme is intended to help applicants with outstanding leadership qualities be able to fund their MBA programs. Applicants will be awarded many leadership opportunities both domestic and international. The intent of the program is to help create more effect leaders and help them identify issues that can derail outstanding leaders.

Scholarship Award: These MBA scholarship schemes award applicants $15,000 to be applied towards their MBA programs.

UTS International Academic Excellence MBA Scholarship

Scholarship Summary: This scholarship is intended for outstanding international applicants that are enrolled in the full time MBA program at UTS. These MBA scholarships are awarded based on both professional and academic merit.

Scholarship Award: This scholarship offers $2,000 for the first semester of studies.



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