Fully Funded International MBA Scholarships at University of Portsmouth UK for 2014-15

The University

The University of Portsmouth is a public university in Portsmouth, England. It was formerly known as the Portsmouth Polytechnic until it was approved for university status in 1992 becoming the University of Portsmouth. The University of Portsmouth is split between two main campuses and registers over 19,000 students yearly. The University of Portsmouth is one of the world’s principal research and teaching universities.

The MBA Scholarships
The University of Portsmouth Business School is pleased to be able to offer a limited amount of MBA scholarships. These MBA scholarships are intended to be contributed towards the program fees. These scholarships are not eligible to be taken with any other bursary or discount program that the university offers. There are three main categories that separates the MBA scholarships:
·       MBA Full Time-1 Year Program
·       MBA Full Time- 2 Year Program with Business Placement
·       Part Time Executive MBA Program

Award: The award amounts vary by program. However, most awards will cover a part of tuition fees. There are additional funding an opportunities for applicants that come from areas that are on the middle to lower income scales. Eligibility requirements can be accessed through the university’s international office. Many applicants will be automatically awarded.

Duration: These MBA scholarships last for the duration of the program that they are being applied towards.


The applicant must be a self-funded student that has accepted a place of study at the University of Portsmouth Business School in a

MBA Program.
These MBA scholarships are awarded to both domestic and international applicants enrolled at the business school.
The applicant must provide all additional work experience, academic transcripts, and additional documentation.
International applicants will have to show proficiency in the English language.
International applicants must be in compliance with the terms of their visas at all times during the duration of their studies.
Applicants will have to pay the minimum deposit before the scholarship will be awarded. Applicants who are self-funded and pay the program costs in full before the commencement of the program will be eligible for a slight discount for being an early payer.

How to Apply:

The applicant must complete a scholarships application for the MBA Scholarships after they have already been accepted into an MBA program through the University of Portsmouth. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the university receives all of the appropriate documentation needed to render an informed decision. This includes academic transcripts, personal statements, essays, letters of recommendation, and previous work experience. The applicants must provide a short personal statement illustrating why they believe that they are a fit for the program. The applicant has for weeks after they have been notified to accept their award so that the reduction to fees can be applied.

Deadline: Each scholarship is subject to their own deadlines. However, the university usually awards scholarships in three rounds throughout the year.

The deadlines are:

1st Round- 13th of December for both domestic and international scholarships

2nd Round- 11th of July for international scholarships

3rd Round- 29th of August for domestic scholarships


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