Fully Funded International MBA Scholarships at University of Bradford UK

The University

The University of Bradford is a public university situated in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. The university gained university status in 1966 becoming it the 40th university to be generated in Britain though the school is significantly older. The university is divided between two main campuses within the city. The school boasts an annual enrollment of over 13,000 students.

MBA Scholarships

The University of Bradford is pleased to be able to offer a limited number of MBA scholarships for their School of Management’s MBA program. These scholarships are open to anyone in the world who wishes to commence their MBA studies at the University of Bradford. All applicants are permitted to apply for as many scholarships as they please but will only be awarded the scholarship that provides the highest award value.

MBA Merit Scholarships: The School of Management at the University of Bradford offers scholarships to applicants to help reduce the cost of tuition. The Merit Scholarships are awarded for academic merit and can be applied towards either Full-Time, Executive Part Time, or Accelerated MBA programs.

Award: These MBA scholarships award up to £10,000 to applicants of the highest caliber.


  • Applicants can be either domestic or international applicants in any MBA program provided by the University of Bradford.
  • The applicant has to be offered a place of study at the university
  • International applicants must provide evidence of English language proficiency. International applicants are also responsible for being in compliance with the terms of their visas.

Deadline: There is not a deadline for these scholarships as long as there is funding there are scholarships. However, applicants that apply earlier have more of a chance to obtain scholarships.

Alumni Discount: The University of Bradford is proud of all of its alumni. For this reason the University of Bradford is pleased to offer their alumni a discount on their MBA programs.


  • The scholarship awards a 25% discount for alumni that obtained first class honors or distinctions at the University of Bradford.
  • The scholarships will provide a 20% discount for alumni that obtained second class honours or merit.
  • The scholarship will provide a 15% discount for alumni that obtained class honours or a Master’s pass.


  • The applicant must be an alumni of the university.
  • The applicant must be undertaking their MBA program at the university.

Business Relationship Bursary: These bursaries are intended to be awarded to company sponsored study programs at the University of Bradford. These bursaries are intended for applicants coming from companies that have worked in partnership with the university. In order to create a business partnership companies would have needed to help fund previous Bradford alumni or employ Bradford graduates. Other ways would be for companies to hire faculty members from the university in research projects. Companies would also have made generous contributions to the university.

Award: These MBA scholarships award a 35% discount on any partially sponsored or company sponsored MBA program for companies that have a partnership or has demonstrated previous business engagements with the University of Bradford. The amount of the scholarships may be subject to change as the University likes to reward loyalty and will offer larger discounts depending on the strength of the business relationship.


  • Applicants must be commencing their MBA programs
  • Applicants must partially sponsored or fully sponsored by their companies and those companies must be in partnership with the university.


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