Fully Funded International MBA Scholarships at Tepper School of Business Carnegie Mellon University USA

Tepper School of Business

Tepper School of Business is the private graduate business school associated with the Carnegie Mellon University. The Tepper School of Business is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The school was established in 1949 and has since been providing prestigious business degrees. The Tepper School of Business sees an annual enrollment of over 1300 students.

The MBA Scholarships

There are many MBA scholarship opportunities available at the Tepper School of Business.

McGowan Fellows Scholarship

Description: This MBA scholarship was established to honor William G. McGowan. The scholarships are designed to help applicants that show an interest in medical research, business healthcare, and education. The intent of these scholarships is to help form a highly talented community of business leaders.

Award: This MBA scholarship awards full tuition waiver for the second year of a full time MBA program in order to provide applicants the means to specialize their degrees how they see fit.

Tepper School Consortium Scholarships

Description: The Consortium for Graduate Studies in Management is a partnership between 17 of the world’s leading business institutes as well as over 80 business corporations that are dedicated to enhancing the diversity of the business world. These scholarships are put into place to help unrepresented minorities received funding for their educations.

Preference: Preference for these scholarships will be awarded to applicants of the following descents:

  • Native American
  • African American
  • Hispanic American

Award: These scholarships are fully funded MBA scholarships and cover both years of the full time MBA program. A stipend is also provided for applicants based on their individual financial needs.

Tepper School Yellow Ribbon Scholarships

Description: The Yellow Ribbon program is a partnership between many US based universities that honour post 9-11 veterans who are wishing to continue their education.

Award: These scholarships take what the GI Bill awards for applicants and funds the additional amount needed to offer a fully funded scholarship. These scholarships help to fund tuition fees, living allowances, as well as health insurance for qualified veterans.


  • The applicant must be a post 9-11 veteran that was honorably discharged.

Marc and Sally Onetto Graduate Scholarships

Description: These scholarships are intended to help support MBA applicants from European countries. The goal of this MBA scholarship is to provide diversity as well as expand the opportunities for European applicants.

Preference: This scholarship is intended for European applicants but preference will be awarded to French applicants. This scholarship will also allow preference for applicants from the European Union as well as native speakers of French.

Award: These scholarships are awarded based on financial need.


  • The applicant must write a one page essay illustrating the reasons that they believe they should be awarded this MBA scholarship.

James R. Swartz Leadership Scholarship


Description: These MBA scholarships are awarded to applicants entering the MBA program that have should a record of outstanding professional and personal achievements. Applicants also must show that they have respectable leadership qualities. The perfect applicant should demonstrate the following skills or attributes:

  • Ethics
  • Creativity
  • Communication abilities
  • Strategic and analytical decision making
  • Optimism
  • Team oriented

Award: This is a fully funded MBA scholarship.



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