Fully Funded International MBA Scholarships at Stanford Graduate School of Business USA

The University

Stanford Graduate School of Business an extension of Stanford University is a private graduate business school located in Stanford, California, United States. The School of Business was established in 1925 making it the second oldest graduate business school in the country. The School of Business has consistently been ranked in the top five best business schools in the world.

MBA Funding Opportunities

There are many different avenues of MBA funding available at Stanford. These MBA funding opportunities are reviewed below.

GSB Fellowships

Fellowships are available for all  MBA applicants as well as applicants of both domestic and international student status. Any applicant no matter if they are part of the traditional MBA programs that can demonstrate a financial need will receive a fellowship. Stanford does not award fellowships based on merit.

Demonstrating financial need is defined as taking the cost of the program and reviewing an applicant’s current income, any contributions from associates or family, and any other additional funding available to the applicant. The Financial Aid office at Stanford will review all of these factors and determine if an applicant meets their eligibility requirements. Applicants that are found to be in financial need will be offered fellowships in various amounts depending on their level of need. These amounts are non-negotiable.

List of Available GSB Fellowships:

  • Stanford Africa Fellowships
  • Charles P. Bonini Partnership for Diversity Fellowships
  • TOMODACHI-Uniqlo Fellowships
  • Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships
  • Orbis Investment Management Fellowships

Outside Scholarships

Outside scholarships are defined as scholarships that awarded by organizations outside of the school. These scholarships can be need or non-need based scholarships and can be awarded for a variety of different reasons. These can also include research assistantships as well as teaching assistantships.

Applicants that are receiving outside scholarships in an amount less than $15,000 will still be allowed their normal GSB Fellowships. Applicants that are receiving outside scholarships with amounts more than the $15,000 will receive reduced fellowships.

Company Sponsorship

Many applicants participating in MBA programs will receive sponsorship from the companies that they already work for. Sponsorships are considered outside scholarships for financial aid purposes and can cover the cost of the whole MBA program or cover part of the MBA program. Applicants that are receiving company sponsorships are typically not eligible for fellowship awards.


Applicants who have been unsuccessful in gaining additional funding to cover the cost of their MBA programs can be considered for financial aid loans. Loans take into consideration your citizen status, your income level, and other financial awards you have received and offers you an amount to help cover any additional costs for your MBA program.

At Stanford domestic and international applicants are eligible to apply for loans. International applicants do not need American co-signers.

Types of Loans

  • Perkins Loans- Need based
  • Unsubsidized Stafford Loans- Non-need based.
  • PLUS Loan for Graduate Applicants
  • Private Loans- Intended for international applicants that don’t require American co-signers.

Yellow Ribbon Program

This is a program that provides financial aid for post 9-11 veterans.


  • Must have served in active duty for a minimum of three years after 9-11.
  • Must have been honourably discharged for a disability connected to services rendered while serving after 9-11.
  • Are eligible for the post 9-11 GI Bill


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