Fully Funded International MBA Scholarships at RMIT University Australia

This article reviews the scholarship opportunities available from this institute of higher education.

The University: The RMIT University

The RMIT University also known as the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology is a public technical university located within Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The institute was originally founded in the late 1880’s as a night school to help support industrialization in Melbourne and other rural areas. The institute has expanded to include all levels of higher education and attracts over 82,000 applicants annually.

The Available MBA Programs at RMIT University

The RMIT University offers four competitive MBA options for applicants to choose from. Each of these programs has their own set or requirements and charge different rates for their programs. Unless stated otherwise all the scholarships depicted in this article will cover all four of these MBA program choices. The MBA programs are:

  1. Master of Business Administration: These courses can be completed at the campus or via distance learning.
  2. Master of International Business: These courses can be completed at the campus or via distance learning.
  3. Executive Master of Business Administration: These courses can be completed at the campus or via distance learning.
  4. Property and Real Estate Master of Business: These courses can only be completed at the campus. Distance learning is not available for this program.

The List of MBA Scholarships

Below is a list of some of the available scholarships for MBA programs at the RMIT. Each of these scholarships have additional requirements and deadlines that applicants should acknowledge before applying.

Charlie Bell MBA Scholarships for Future Leaders

Scholarship Summary: This scholarship scheme is intended to help applicants with outstanding leadership qualities be able to fund their MBA programs. Applicants will be awarded many leadership opportunities both domestic and international. The intent of the program is to help create more effect leaders and help them identify issues that can derail outstanding leaders.

Scholarship Award: These MBA scholarship schemes award applicants $15,000 to be applied towards their MBA programs.

MBA Scholarship for the Advancement and Innovation in Marketing

Scholarship Summary: This scholarship scheme is delivered by a search engine optimization company based in Australia and certain areas of Europe. The organization strives to provide professional services and strives to help educate business majors strive in their areas of business.

Scholarship Award: This scholarship scheme offers applicants $3,000 for the first semester of studies.

Optimizing Online Marketing MBA Scholarship

Scholarship Summary: With online marketing increasing in popularity universities are striving to graduate the most knowledgeable applicants who can take charge of these areas of business. The goal is to help managers and business leaders become ready to tackle the challenges of online marketing

Scholarship Award: Applicants will be awarded a large range of awards. First they will be awarded $500 to help cover program costs and then they will be awarded extensive online marketing business training and certifications to allow applicants to have a firm grasp on the subject.

The Pocketbook Entrepreneurial Scholarship

Scholarship Summary: This scholarship is open to all applicants who are pursuing entrepreneurial activities outside of their education or for those who plan to.

Scholarship Award: This scholarship is offering $2,000 to all qualified applicants.



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