Fully Funded International MBA Scholarships at Moore School of Business University of South Carolina

Moore School of Business

The Darla Moore School of Business also referred to as simply the Moore School of Business is the public business school associated with the University of South Carolina. The business school is located in Columbia, South Carolina. The school was established in 1919 and focused specifically on international business pursuits. The school provides the full range of business degrees and sees a yearly enrollment of over 4,800 students.

Moore School of Business: The MBA Scholarships

There are many MBA scholarship opportunities available through the Moore School of Business. These MBA scholarship opportunities are awarded for a variety of different reasons ranging from merit to financial need. Every applicant entering a MBA program at the college will be automatically considered for at least one of the following categories of MBA scholarships.

Moore School of Business Merit Based MBA Scholarships

Description: Merit based scholarships are designed to recognize the best all-around candidates and offer them assistance financing their MBA programs. These are highly competitive scholarships. Merit is determined by the following criteria:

  • GMAT scores
  • GPA
  • Interviews
  • Professional work experience
  • Extracurricular activities
  • The individuals’ personal MBA interest and goals.

Scholarship Award: These scholarships award partial to fully funded MBA scholarships to qualified applicants.

Moore School of Business Need Based MBA Scholarships

Description: The Moore School of Business understands that applicants at times have problems paying for the costs of their MBA programs. They also realize that no all applicants will receive financial support or sponsorship from their respectable companies and will be in need of additional assistance. The university works to offer applicants with need based scholarships for applicants that have expressed financial need or hardship.

Scholarship Award: These scholarships range from partially funded to fully funded tuition scholarships depending on the individual’s financial needs.


  • Applicants will need to submit a minimum of 500 word essay describing why the applicant feels they are deserving of the need based scholarship.
  • Applicants will need to clearly demonstrate their financial hardships and their assured financial sources they have already secured.

South Carolina Association of Public Accountants Scholarship

Description: This scholarship is intended for applicants that are studying their business master’s degree at the university.

Scholarship Award: These scholarships range from partially funded to fully funded tuition scholarships depending on the individual’s financial needs.

Requirements for MBA Scholarship Consideration:

  • The applicant must be a resident of South Carolina.
  • Applicants must be able to communicate professionally.
  • The applicant must maintain a minimum of 3.25 GPA with their accounting GPA minimum no less than 3.5.
  • The applicant must demonstrate their previous academic history and must submit all previous academic transcripts for consideration.
  • The applicant must supply at least two professional references.
  • The applicant must submit a personal statement explaining their career goals.
  • The applicant must supply a list of any additional financial aid they are receiving. This includes scholarships, assistantships, loans, grants, and any other type of monetary value that is being used to fund the individual’s MBA program.


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