Fully Funded International MBA Scholarships at MIP Politecnico di Milano Italy

This article reviews some of the MBA scholarships available for applicants participating at this university.

The School of Management: Politecnico di Milano.

The MIP was established in 1979 through an intricate partnership between one of the largest tech schools in Italy, the Politecnico di Milano and many various international and Italian organizations. The MIP is located within Milan, Italy. It is recognized as one of the most prestigious and influential business schools in all of Italy.

The Different MBA Programs Available at MIP

The MBA programs available at the MIP are as follows:

  • The International Full Time MBA: This is an inclusive 14 month MBA program that is taught in English. Applicants are required to study 3-5 different business concentrations. Program fees: €26,000
  • The International Part Time MBA: This part time MBA program includes 22 months of study taught in English. Applicants are encouraged to have at least three years of previous work experience before applying for this part time program. Program fees: € 26,000.
  • The Flex EMBA: This unique MBA program allows applicants more flexibility. The program works closely with the applicant to ensure that they are able to maintain their work and family obligations. Program fees: € 26,000
  • The Executive MBA: This program is intended for applicants that have extensive professional history and are able to take accelerated programs. Program fees: € 26,000

The MBA Scholarships

There are many opportunities for MBA scholarships at MIP for applicants in both full time and part time programs. Below is a list of different scholarships available for applicants.

Full Time MBA Scholarships

Below are scholarships that are developed for full time MBA programs.

MIP General MBA Scholarships: Scholarship Summary: All applicants entering a full time MBA program at the MIP will be considered for these scholarship awards.

Scholarship Award: This MBA scholarship scheme offers 10-50% off full time program fees.

Country Based MBA Scholarships

Scholarship Summary: The MIP works with many different corporations to promote international relations. The school works to promote financial opportunities for all its applicants.

Scholarship Award: This scholarship scheme works to offer up to 50% off of program fees for full time MBA programs.

Expat Tuition Scholarships

Scholarship Summary: Annually two scholarships are awarded to outstanding international applicants that are studying in Italy. Applicants will be chosen based on their GMAT scores.

Scholarship Award: This scholarship awards 20% off of program fees for full time programs.

Part Time MBA Scholarships

Below are some of the few part time MBA scholarships available.

Weekend MBA Assistantships

Scholarship Summary: This scholarship scheme is intended for part time applicants who are working to support research and education. This scholarship is for applicants that speak Italian fluently.

Scholarship Award: This MBA scholarship awards applicants a maximum of 50% off program fees for part time programs.

GMAT MBA Scholarships

Scholarship Summary: This scholarship is awarded for applicants that demonstrate outstanding GMAT scores.

Scholarships Award:

  • Domestic applicants will be awarded €3,000
  • International applicants will be awarded €5,000




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