Fully Funded International MBA Scholarships at McCombs School of Business University of Texas Austin

McCombs School of Business

The McCombs School of Business is the business school associated with the University of Texas at Austin. The business school is highly ranked and is recognized as one of the best business schools in the entire country and performs well on the international level. The McCombs School of Business is Texas’s oldest business school and boasts an almost perfect graduate employment rate. The McCombs School of Business sees an annual enrollment of over 6000 students.

The MBA Scholarships

There are many MBA scholarship opportunities available for students studying at the McCombs School of Business. Below are some of the available MBA scholarship opportunities available.

Recruiting Scholarships

Description: These MBA scholarships are intended to attract highly qualified students who are not from Texas. All MBA applicants are considered for this scholarships. These scholarships are considered merit based scholarships as recipients will have to provide evidence of outstanding academic performance.

Scholarship Award: These scholarships award out of state tuition waivers as well as a stipend ranging from $2,000 to $10,000 annually depending on the individual’s financial needs.

Duration: This MBA scholarship is intended for the two year full time MBA program.

Consortium MBA Scholarships

Description: The McCombs School of Business is a proud member of the Consortium for Graduate Studies in Management. These scholarships are based on merit and are awarded to minority applicants.

Preference: Preference will be awarded to applicants that are of the following descents:

  • Native Americans
  • African Americans
  • Hispanic Americans

Scholarship Award: This MBA scholarship provides privately funded scholarship that cover the full cost of tuition for the MBA program.

Duration: This scholarship is fully funded and covers the duration of the full time MBA program.

Forte Fellowship Scholarships

Description: The Forte Fellowship is dedicated to providing outstanding female applicants the ability to fund their MBA programs. The intent of these scholarships are to attract highly qualified female applicants in order to promote women and their roles in business especially management position. Female applicants will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Their academic performance
  • Their leadership potential and capabilities
  • Their community contributions
  • Their creativity and dedication to promoting women initiatives

Scholarship Award: These scholarships are fully funded MBA scholarships.

Duration: These scholarships cover tuition fees for the full duration of the full time MBA program.

Good Neighbor Scholarships

Description: These scholarships are intended to help promote applicants from the Western Hemisphere and allow them to continue their educations. These scholarships are designed to promote international relations.

Scholarship Award: This scholarship awards a full year of tuition for applicants that were born or are residents of the Western Hemisphere.

Duration: This scholarship last for one academic school year.


  • Applicants must have been born and are natural residents of nations that compose the Western Hemisphere however applicants from the United States and Cuba are excluded from these scholarships.
  • This scholarship only covers one year of an academic program. Applicants will have to secure alternative funding for any additional academic years.



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