Fully Funded International MBA Scholarships at London Business School UK for 2014-15

The School: London Business School

London Business School is a public business school located in London, England, United Kingdom. The London Business School is an extension of the University of London but is considered a separate academic institute. The school offers a large variety of degree programs from their MBA program to additional master degree and PhD programs. The London Business School has consistently been ranked one of the best business schools in the world. The London Business School provides over four research facilities and receives high recommendation in the fields of research.

The MBA Scholarships

There are many MBA scholarship opportunities at the London Business School. Most of the MBA scholarship opportunities are available through all three stages of the MBA program. It is important that applicants remember that scholarships can change at any moment at the discretion of the business school. Below are some of the MBA scholarship opportunities available to qualified applicants.

Bank of America M. Lynch Scholarship
All MBA applicants with a concentration in a career in financial services
Award: This MBA scholarship awards £20,000

The Gallifrey MBA Scholarship in Social Enterprise
All MBA candidates who have training in social enterprise are welcome to apply. Applicants will have had to use their skills to maximize effectiveness in environmental as well as human wellbeing instead of focusing on maximizing profits. This includes things such as charity organizations.
Award: These MBA scholarships award £20,000

Business School Funds Scholarship

Description: This scholarship is funded directly from the London Business School. All MBA candidates who have excellent academic and professional merit and are able to effectively demonstrate the ability to positively contribute to all features of the MBA programme
Awards: These MBA scholarships are awarded in various amounts depending on the applicants, their financial need status, and the availability of funds.


  • The applicant must be accepted into the full time MBA program at the Business School.
  • The applicant must demonstrate effective communication skills. Some applicants may be mandated to submit language assessment scores to prove their effectiveness in communications.
  • These MBA scholarships must be used towards the payment of tuition for the MBA program.
  • The applicant will be assessed on previous academic achievements.
  • The applicant must have business or management experience.

How to Apply

The application is available for download at the school’s main website. Applicants wishing to obtain scholarships are only considered after they have successfully completed and submitted their applications for the MBA program.

The applicant should fill out the application and gather all the necessary documents such as:

  • Previous academic transcripts
  • At least two references
  • Their current CV or resume detailing their management or business experiences
  • The applicant should include any and all language assessment scores if they were required to take them for admission.
  • Current GMAT scores.

Once these MBA scholarships are completed then they must be emailed to the university. It is important that it is included in both the email and the application that the applicant is wishing to be considered for a MBA scholarship.


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