Fully Funded International MBA Scholarships at HKUST Business School Hong Kong University of Sciences and Technology

HKUST Business School

The HKUST Business School is the business school associated with the Hong Kong University of Sciences and Technology. The business school was founded in 1991 and has since been providing prestigious and internationally recognized business degrees. It is the first business school in its region that is awarded both the AACSB and the EQUIS accreditation. The business school is located in Clear Water Bay, Kowloon and sees a yearly enrollment of over 2,100 students.

HKUST Business School: MBA Scholarships

The intent of the MBA programs is to help teach applicants the basics to business while allowing them the freedom to design their own MBA goals. There are many MBA scholarship opportunities available to students studying at the HKUST Business School. There is a limited amount of funding available to MBA applicants and many companies and corporations will choose to sponsor their applicants. MBA scholarships are awarded for various reasons such as performance, merit or need basis.

HKUST Business School Merit Based MBA Scholarships

Scholarship Description: Merit based scholarships can be awarded for a large variety of different reasons. In many cases the following areas will be reviewed:

  • GMAT scores and other previous academic transcripts and awards
  • The applicants previous professional work experience as well as their commitment to their communities
  • The applicant’s potential to continue to be committed to their communities and thrive both as a leader and as a scholar.

Scholarship Award: This scholarship awards 10-50% off of tuition fees depending on the degree of merit.

Corporate MBA Scholarships: Scholarship Description: Many MBA applicants are able to seek financial backing from their current businesses or from corporation scholarships. These scholarships are funded by businesses and look for the candidate that will best suit their needs. Many corporation scholarships will require that the applicant sign a contract with the company ensuring that if the company pays for their program they will work for that company for a set duration after graduation.

Scholarship Award: This scholarship can be either partial or fully funded depending on the applicant as well as the corporation that is sponsoring the scholarship.

HKUST Business School MBA Scholarships

Scholarship Description: Through the generous support of past alumni and other organizations within Hong Kong, the HKUST Business School can offer many prestigious awards to deserving applicants. These applicants will have demonstrated outstanding academic history, achievements, and progress. The applicant will have outstanding personal and professional qualities that ensure they are quality leader. Many of these MBA scholarship opportunities mandate that applicants be nominated for this scholarships.

Scholarship Award: This scholarship awards $10,000-$50,000 annually to be put towards the full time MBA program at HKUST Business School.

The QS Scholarships

Scholarship Description: This scholarship scheme is intended for applicants that have participated in a QS grad school or world MBA tour. These applicants must be motivated and show outstanding leadership potential.

Scholarship Award: These scholarships are broken into two categories. The Leadership Scholarship awards $78,000 to be used towards tuition fees. The Community Scholarship awards $15,600 to be used towards tuition fees.



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