Fully Funded International MBA Scholarships at Harvard Business School USA

The University

Harvard Business School an extension of Harvard University is a private graduate business school located in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. The university was established originally in 1908 under Harvard’s humanities faculty but later in 1910 received independent school status and became a complete extension of Harvard University in 1913. The Harvard Business School became the first institute to establish a MBA program for students. Today the university offers a variety of full time doctoral programs, executive education programs, as well as MBA programs.

MBA Scholarships

There are many MBA funding opportunities available at the Harvard Business School. Applicants who receive these scholarships are still eligible for fellowships through the Harvard Business School. Fellowships are awarded based off an individual’s financial needs. The higher the financial need the higher the fellowship amount.

Fulbright British Friends of the Harvard Business School

Description: These MBA awards are offered to British citizens conducting their MBA studies at Harvard.

Award: These MBA awards cover the full cost of tuition fees for the first year of the MBA program.


  • The applicant must be a British citizen.
  • The applicant must already have accepted a place of study at the Harvard Business School.
  • The applicant must conduct an interview with the Fulbright Commission.
  • The applicant will be responsible for finding additional funding for any additional years of study.
  • Applicants with an income less than £40,000 annually will be awarded preference however all British applicants are welcome to apply.

Boustany Foundation

Description: This award is awarded to international applicants that have outstanding academic achievements.

Award: This MBA scholarship awards applicants a total of $90,000 to be put towards tuition fees. The scholarship is designed to award half the total amount the first year and the second half of the total award amount the second year of study. This scholarship also offers an internship and covers additional costs such as travel and accommodation.


  • The applicant must be conducting a MBA program at Harvard Business School
  • Applicants may be from any nation however Lebanese applicants will be given main preference.

Harvard Business School Foundation of Germany

Description: This scholarship is provided for first year German students that are conducting studies at the Harvard Business School.

Award: This award allows a maximum of € 20.000 for the first year of study.


  • The applicant must be from Germany or German descent.
  • The applicant must demonstrate a financial need or outstanding merit.

Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship

Description: These MBA scholarships are intended for excellent Canadian and United States applicants that are considered minorities. These scholarships are intended for minority students that are working towards careers in local and state governments particularly in the finance departments.

Award: These MBA scholarship award up to $5,000 to qualified applicants.


  • The applicant has to be working towards a MBA program specialized in finance
  • The applicant must be considered a minority
  • The applicant may be either a resident of Canada or the United States.



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