Fully Funded International MBA Scholarships at ESADE Business School Ramon Llull University Barcelona Spain

ESADE Business School

The ESADE Business School is a private graduate college sited in Barcelona, Spain. The ESADE Business School is associated with the Ramon Llull University. The business school operates mainly out of their Barcelona campus but also has academic centers in both Buenos Aires, and Madrid. The ESADE was established in 1958 and has consistently been ranked as one of the best business schools in the globe. The ESADE Business School sees a yearly enrollment of over 7,600 students.

ESADE Business School: MBA Scholarships

The intent of the MBA programs is to help teach applicants the basics to business while allowing them the freedom to design their own MBA goals. There are many MBA scholarship opportunities available to students studying at the ESADE Business School. There is a limited amount of funding available to MBA applicants and many companies and corporations will choose to sponsor their applicants. MBA scholarships are awarded for various reasons such as merit or need basis.

ESADE Business School Excellence MBA Scholarship

Scholarship Description: These scholarships are intended for outstanding applicants that show excellent academic achievement and professional work experience.

Scholarship Award: This scholarship awards 50-90% of tuition fees for outstanding applicants. The percentage will be determined based on professional work experience and previous academic scores.

ESADE Business Exchange Scholarships

Description: This MBA scholarship opportunity is for exchange students wishing to study at the ESADE Business School.

Scholarship Award: This scholarship offers partial to fully funded tuition scholarships for qualified applicants.

ESADE Housing Scholarships

Description: This scholarship help covers the fees accumulated when choosing to take up residency at the business school. This scholarship is solely intended to be used on housing fees at the ESADE Business School.

Scholarship Award: This scholarship provides a maximum of 50% off of the residency fees at the ESADE Business School.

ESADE Business School MBA Scholarships

Description: These scholarships are awarded to outstanding MBA applicants wishing to conduct their studies at the business school. These scholarships are offered for a variety of different reasons.

Scholarship Award: This scholarship awards anywhere from 10-100% off of tuition fees.

Corporate MBA Scholarships

Description: Many MBA applicants are able to seek financial backing from their current businesses or from corporation scholarships. These scholarships are funded by businesses and look for the candidate that will best suit their needs. Many corporation scholarships will require that the applicant sign a contract with the company ensuring that if the company pays for their program they will work for that company for a set duration after graduation.

Scholarship Award: This scholarship can be either partial or fully funded depending on the applicant as well as the corporation that is sponsoring the scholarship.

ESADE Business School Merit Based MBA Scholarships

Description: Merit based scholarships are awarded to outstanding applicant that shows academic, professional, and leadership potential. Merit based scholarships are determined by the applicants previous academic history, their GMAT scores, as well as a variety of other factors.

Scholarship Award: These merit based scholarships can offer anywhere from 10-100% off of tuition fees.


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