Fully Funded international MBA Scholarships at Booth School of Business University Of Chicago USA

The University

The University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business is a private graduate business school situated in Chicago, Illinois. Previously recognized as the University Of Chicago Graduate School Of Business, University of Chicago Booth is one of the oldest business school in the United States. In 2008 the school was renamed after David G. Booth who provided the school with a generous monetary donation. The university operates mainly from its main campus in Chicago but also maintains campuses in Hong Kong and London.

Cost of MBA Programs at Booth Business School

The prospective total cost of the MBA program and all expenses is $94,933. This total is the accumulation of course fees, insurance fees, as well as additional costs such as books and living expenses acquired when conducting a full time MBA program at Booth.

The MBA Scholarships

There are many MBA scholarship opportunities available for students at the Booth School of Business. At this business school scholarships are awarded based off of three criteria:

  1. Merit Based Scholarships
  2. Booth Fellowship Scholarships
  3. Corporate Fellowship Scholarships

Merit Based MBA Scholarships

At Booth applicants are awarded MBA scholarship opportunities in the form of merit based scholarships. These scholarships are awarded at admission. There isn’t any additional scholarship application forms the applicant must fill out and all applicants are automatically considered for MBA scholarships. These scholarships are in place to recognize applicants that excel in their academics, their professional experience, and have served their communities.

Booth Fellowship Scholarships

These individual MBA scholarship opportunities are awarded to applicants for a large variety of reasons such as their residency or based on gender. Below are an example of a few of the Booth Fellowship Scholarships that are available to qualified applicants.

  • Distinguished Fellows Scholarship

o   Description: The applicant has to distinguish themselves academically, professionally, as well as through their services. Recipients of this scholarship will have demonstrated their ability to make a positive impact using their careers.

o   Award: This MBA scholarship awards applicants full tuition waivers as well as an annual stipend in the amount of $20,000.

  • Forte Foundation Scholarships

o   Description: These MBA scholarships are awarded to outstanding female applicants. These females will have distinguished themselves by performing exemplary academics, show an outstanding team and community effort, and have outstanding and creative leadership capabilities.

o   Award: – Recipients of these awards are awarded full tuition waivers and at times a generous stipend.

  • The Wallman Fellows Scholarships

o   Description: The Wallman Foundation is dedicated to delivering MBA scholarship opportunities to outstanding applicants. Qualified applicants will demonstrate outstanding academics and professional achievements.

o   Preference: While this scholarship is available for everyone women coming from under-represented minority groups will be awarded preference.

o   Award: This foundation awards full tuition waivers for the full time MBA program.

Corporate Fellowship Scholarships

Corporate scholarships are scholarship offered by corporations in order to foster partnerships and mentoring relationships between a corporation and recipients. Corporate fellowships are always offered as renewable scholarships for the duration of the MBA program.

Corporate scholarships are intended for applicants that excel academically, have outstanding professional experience, and have served their communities. They also call for applicants that also fit a set criteria decided upon by the corporation that is sponsoring the scholarship.


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