Fully Funded International MBA Scholarships at Bond University Faculty of Business Australia

This article reviews the scholarship opportunities available through the Faculty of Business at Bond University.

The School: The Faculty of Business-Bond University

Bond University is a privatized nonprofit university located within Queensland, Australia. The Bond University is unique among other institutes of higher education because they go through three academic semesters annually as opposed to the traditional two academic semesters other universities provide annually. The university was established in 1987 and has received accreditation through AACSB. The Faculty of Business at the Bond University has been ranked respectably amongst other business schools and departments around the world. The Bond University projects enrolling 4,000 applicants annually.

The Different Types of MBA Programs at Bond University

The Bond University offers four competitive MBA options for applicants to choose from. Each of these programs has their own set or requirements and charge different rates for their programs. Unless stated otherwise all the scholarships depicted in this article will cover all four of these MBA program choices. The MBA programs are:

  1. The Global Leadership MBA: 2-5 year program.
  2. Master of Business Administration: Only available for domestic applicants and takes 1 year or three semesters.
  3. Executive Master of Business Administration: 13 month program.
  4. Professional Master of Business Adminstration; 92 weeks total program or 4 semesters with an additional 20 weeks.

The List of MBA Scholarships

Below is a list of some of the available scholarships for MBA programs at the Bond University. Each of these scholarships have additional requirements and deadlines that applicants should acknowledge before applying.

Dean’s MBA Scholarship

Scholarship Summary: This MBA scholarship is intended to help support an outstanding academic applicant in their chosen field of study. Applicants must demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and professionalism.

Scholarship Award: This scholarship scheme offers tuition reduction rates of 10-40% for the entire program.

The Padma and Harilela MBA Scholarships

Scholarship Summary: This MBA scholarship is awarded to applicants from all around the globe that demonstrate professionalism and academic merit. They target applicants that have contributed to their home communities and who have performed exceptionally through their academics.

Scholarship Award: Domestic applicants will be awarded $5,000 annually for the first two years of their study programs. International applicants will be awarded $7,500 annually for the first two years of their study programs.

Bond University MBA Scholarships

Scholarship Summary: This scholarship scheme is intended for applicants entering the Bond University as domestic or international applicants who have conducted themselves exceptionally academically.

Scholarship Award: These MBA scholarships award applicants a maximum of 10% tuition discount for program fees.

The Bond University Faculty of Business Postgraduate Scholarships

Scholarship Summary: The Faculty of Business at Bond University works to provide financial assistance for all its applicants that are in need. These scholarships are intended to applicants that are entering the Bond University in a postgraduate course program such as the MBA programs. These scholarships are awarded on merit bases.

Scholarship Award: Applicants will be awarded a cash sum of $4,200 to help cover some of the expenses of living. Applicants will be awarded an additional $2,100 after Week 5 of the first academic semester as well as an additional $2,100 six months after if all of the subjects were passed.




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