Fully Funded International MBA Scholarships at Alma Graduate School University of Bologna Italy

This article reviews some of the MBA scholarships available at the Alma Graduate School.

The School: Alma Graduate School

The Alma Graduate School is the public business school associated with the University of Bologna located in Bologna, Italy. The business school boasts being amongst the largest functioning business school in all of Italy. The Alma Graduate School is one of the founding members of the EMBA Consortium for Global Business Innovations. It is almost associated with one of the oldest universities in Italy as well as the Western world. The graduate school is a member of the EFMD and the ASFOR.

Alma Graduate School: The MBA Programs

There are many scholarship opportunities available at the graduate school. Many of the MBA programs are taught in either Italian or English and extend over a period of twelve months of full time studies.

Alma Graduate School: The MBA for Brazil and European Business Relations Program

Summary: This intensive twelve month program is taught exclusively in English and is one of Alma’s most sought after MBA programs available. The program is offered in two different parts one part concentrates on the MBA courses that are standard for all MBA programs while the other part focuses on the European and Brazil Business Relations.

The goal of the program is to help develop new business leaders to take over management in Brazil and Europe. The applicants will work on team projects and put their managerial skills to use.

Benefits: Applicants that enter into this program will have access to the Alma Graduate alumni which will help connect applicants with jobs and make positive business connections. Applicants will also be awarded internships and other career developing activities. Applicants will also benefit from language classes in the following languages:

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Business English
  • Italian

The MBA Scholarships

MBA scholarships are specially designed scholarships that help fund the MBA programs at the Alma Graduate School. Below is a look at the MBA scholarships available for applicants.

The Alma Graduate School MBA Scholarships

Scholarship Summary: Annually the graduate business school tries to offer numerous partial and full MBA scholarships for all qualified applicants in full time MBA programs. These MBA scholarships are available for applicants based on both professional and academic merit and are intended to cover the cost of the program. Additional funds will have to be secured to cover expenses such as living and course material expenses. Applicants will be considered upon successful admission into the MBA programs and all nationalities and genders will be welcome.

Scholarship Award: These scholarships range from £10,000 to £27,000 to be applied towards program fees. This amount is only meant to be applied towards program fees and does not cover any additional expenses such as course materials or living expenses.

Scholarship Duration: These MBA scholarships are meant to cover the whole duration of the MBA program. Many of the prestigious MBA programs available at the Alma Graduate School are one year full time programs.



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