Fully Funded International MBA Scholarship at Nyenrode Business University Netherlands

This article provides an overview of the scholarships available at the business university.

The School: Nyenrode Business University

The Nyenrode Business University is a private Dutch based business school in the Netherlands. It is the only privatized Dutch university in the Netherlands. The business university was established in 1946 in the town of Breukelen. The school boasts an impressive international reputation for business and management courses.

The Cost of the International MBA at Nyenrode Business University

The cost of the International MBA program provided by Nyenrode Business University is set at € 32,500. This cost reflects just the cost of the program and does not reflect any additional fees. Applicants should anticipate adding an additional €16,000 annually for a single applicant that covers for fees such as living accommodations, course materials, transportation, and other necessary expenses.

The MBA Scholarships

At the business university they understand the importance of global influence and strive to provide all applicants with the financial ability to fund their MBA scholarships. These MBA scholarship opportunities are available to all qualified applicants within the MBA programs at the business university.

Women in Business MBA Scholarship

Scholarship Summary: This scholarship is intended for outstanding women who have distinguished themselves in the business world. It is intended for women who are committed to promoting female success in the business workplace.

Scholarships Award: These scholarships offer €10,000 to be applied towards program fees in the International MBA program.


  • Applicants are required to submit a short 500 word essay illustrating their personal struggles rising in the business world and strategies they used to overcome those obstacles.

Entrepreneurship MBA Scholarships: Scholarship Summary: These scholarships are intended for applicants that have had experience in entrepreneurship or who wish to start their own businesses.

Scholarship Preference: Applicants from developing countries will be awarded preference when it comes to funding.

Scholarships Award: These scholarships offer €10,000 to be applied towards program fees in the full time MBA program.

Academic Excellence MBA Scholarship

Scholarship Summary: This scholarship scheme is intended for outstanding academic applicants. Applicants will have to possess both outstanding previous transcripts as well as GMAT scores.

Scholarship Preference: Preference will be awarded to outstanding female applicants

Scholarship Award: This scholarship scheme offers both partial and full tuition scholarships for qualified applicants.


  • Applicants must possess high GMAT or GRE scores

Company Sponsorship MBA Scholarships

Scholarship Summary: Many applicants either come from existing companies or have been offered opportunities in prestigious companies upon completing their education. Many companies will offer scholarships to outstanding applicants that they wish to recruit for their companies.

Scholarship Award: These scholarships range depending on the different company that is sponsoring the scholarship. Some scholarships start by awarding sums around €10,000 to be applied towards program fees. Others offer partial to full tuition scholarships.

Scholarship Requirements:

  • Many companies will require a certain amount of time that the graduate is required to work for the company
  • These MBA scholarship opportunities are available for outstanding academic applicants


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