Fully Funded International MBA Scholarship at Munich Business School Germany

This article provides information about the MBA scholarships available at the Munich Business School.

The School: The Munich Business School

The Munich Business School is a privatized business school located within Munich, Germany. The school offers many prestigious business degrees such as their MBA program that has consistently been ranked as one of the best business programs within Germany as well as ranked respectably amongst other business schools around the world. The school was established in 1991.

The MBA Programs.

There are many MBA programs offered at the Munich Business School from full time MBA programs to their inclusive 24 month Executive MBA. The following MBA programs are offered at the Munich Business School.

  • Full Time International MBA Program: 15 month program also can be taken as a 12 month fast track program. This full time program is taught 100% in the English language. Program fees: € 26,850
  • Part Time General Management MBA Program: 24 month program. This program is taught 100% in the English language. Program fees: € 27,000

The MBA Scholarships

There are many opportunities to obtain funding for the MBA programs at the Munich Business School. Below is a look into some of the available MBA scholarships offered through the business school:

The Triple A Scholarships Programs

Scholarship Summary: This MBA scholarship scheme is delivered by the Munich Business School for all qualified master degree students. Applicants must show outstanding professional and academic merit. All qualified applicants that are participating in the international business master’s degree courses are eligible for this MBA scholarship scheme.

Number of Scholarships: There are only 5 scholarships available annually and it is a first come first to be awarded type scholarship. This means that applicants should submit all their required documentation as early as possible.

Scholarship Award: Applicants that meet all the requirements are subject to a 20% tuition reduction for all program fees.

Scholarship Requirements:

  • Applicants must have at least a B+ grade average to qualify for these scholarships
  • Candidates will have to undergo a scholarship interview for consideration strong personalities and applicants that know what they want are highly encouraged
  • Applicants must submit scholarship applications and all the required documentation for consideration.

Germany Scholarships

Scholarship Summary: This scholarship scheme is applied towards applicants that are residents of Germany who are needing help financing their MBA degree programs. These scholarships are made possible by generous contributions from the German government as well as generous sponsorships from companies and other private corporations. The intent of these program is to help develop future leaders to benefit Germany. Applicants must present academic, professional, and personal development and growth to qualify for these prestigious scholarships.

Scholarship Award: Applicants are awarded EUR 300 monthly to help cover the cost of living as well as other expenses that accumulate while applicants are participating in educational studies.

Scholarship Requirements:

  • Applicants must be German citizens who plan to continue their work in Germany to help the countries development.
  • Applicants must conduct themselves in a manner that represents their merit.



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