Distance Learning MBA at Kingston University UK

The University

Kingston University is a public university sited in the Kingston area of London, England, United Kingdom. There are two main campuses for the university located in both Kingston and in Roehampton. The Kingston University obtained university status in 1992 but was first established in 1899 under the name Kingston Technical Institute. The school has reliably been ranked well for academic presentation and student approval. The Kingston University enrolls over 23,000 students yearly.

Kingston University: Distance Learning MBA

The Kingston University’s Kingston Business School is pleased to be able to offer online MBA programs. These online MBA programs allow for applicants to participate in a prestigious academic program from the comfort of their own home no matter where they originate at in the world. The MBA programs are rigorous and are intended to be applied to realistic business situations. These MBA programs are amongst some of the most prestigious MBA programs in the world and are sought after by many international companies.

What are some Benefits of Participating in a Distance Learning MBA? The MBA program allows applicants to take control of their own educational needs and careers.  The program allows for a certain level of flexibility and personalization that allows applicants to tailor their programs to suite their specific business needs. The MBA program is accredited and highly sought after. The MBA program is intended to teach you skills that can be applied to real life situations. The MBA program is affordable as well as accessible. New programs are starting throughout the year so it is easy to get started. There are payment plans available for applicants that find themselves facing financial hardships as well as a variety of scholarships. The MBA programs also benefit the businesses or corporations that you are representing. Many companies will also fund part or all of the costs for the MBA programs.

Why Should You Consider Distance Learning MBA

A career in business is highly competitive and every applicant is looking for that one thing that will set them apart from all of the other applicants. An MBA degree will award an applicant a way to stand out as well as show potential employers that this candidate is a step above the rest. It has been shown that MBA program graduates experience salary growth once they completed the program. It also opened up additional jobs with higher pay and better benefits.

These MBA programs also allow applicants that have prior commitments such as families or their jobs to be able to participate in programs that will allow them time for work and family while ensuring that they are getting a quality education.

Kingston University is partnered with many different businesses from around the world and work tirelessly to ensure that their MBA graduates are awarded the absolute best in opportunities once they graduate.


  • Applicants must have a minimum of three years in a managerial position
  • Applicants must have obtained an undergraduate degree
  • The applicant must be proficient in the English language.


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